Saturday, February 16, 2013

Bill Cunningham

Good afternoon!

The other day, per a friend's suggestion, I watched a documentary about Bill Cunningham (Bill Cunningham New York). What an inspiration!

(photo credit: Dirty Magazine)
Bill is a fashion photographer for the Times, and is well known for his candid photos of everyone ranging from celebrities to passerbys walking on the streets of Manhattan. His lifestyle is so simple and humble, and his work so amazing, that I feel somewhat ashamed of the little luxuries I often take for granted. He dresses simply and travels around New York on a bicycle. His tiny apartment has no bathroom, kitchen, or closet. Instead it is filled with file cabinets containing his ever-growing collection of photos. Bill's love and passion for fashion is so strong that he lives his life around it. He could be rich, and move into a larger apartment, and dress up everyday like the people he photographs. But he chooses to maintain his own creativity and control over his work. He doesn't let anything get in the way of what he truly loves to do. I hope to one day be as passionate about what I do as Bill Cunningham is.

(photo credit: New York Times)

(photo credit: New York Times)

Love, Lola.

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